How do I cite someone who is not the author of the source?

Many scholarly versions of short story collections will have editors. The editor’s name follows the title, as in the examples . In the footnote reference, the author name should be first how to write a commentary essay name followed by surname, e.g. The bibliography needs to be arranged alphabetically by author surname, so always reverse the name of the first author in the bibliography reference, e.g.

In the bibliography you just list the source you have read, in this case the Badowska article. When you want to cite a specific source, create a footnote in Word. A complete reference that includes all of the information what is commentary writing needed to locate the original source. Take a brief piece of text verbatim and place it within quotation marks to quote a resource. You also have to be careful with using online sources as reference.

Citing quotations using Leeds Harvard

You must choose a citation style and utilize it uniformly through your paper if no reference style is mentioned. DO use Cite This For Me for your next writing assignment! Cite This For Me contains a bibliography builder as well as in-text citation formatting. Check out the site, and you will have access to thousands of styles, including a Harvard referencing generator, and many source types.

  1. In a parenthetical citation, you place all the information in brackets after the quote.
  2. Direct quotations are verbatim quotations that require quotation marks.
  3. It is critical to correctly cite sources in order to avoid plagiarism in your content.
  4. One of the best ways to make sure you haven’t left out any in-text citations is to write them immediately after you’ve referenced a work as you are writing your paper.
  5. If the play doesn’t have scenes, or if you’re citing the introduction, use page numbers in the form ‘p.’ for ‘page’ or ‘pp.’ for ‘pages’.
  6. There is a clear demarcation between past, present and future corresponding to three separate sections of a ruler.

If using Historical Texts, click on the ‘Details’ option on the right to see the bibliographic details for the book. Put both the title of the book and the name of the database in italics. Omitted lines should be marked by three dots in square brackets, like this […] on a separate line. Place the number for the note at the end of the quotation. Omitted lines of verse should be marked by three dots in square brackets, like this […] on a separate line.

How to Reference your Essays

It’s therefore no surprise that this referencing system is also used by many university faculties. There may be times when you need to cite a newspaper article in an essay, such as when writing about the media or discussing something that was in the news. However, depending on the referencing system, the rules for this can be confusing. In this post, we’re looking at how to cite a newspaper article using APA referencing . The author has copied Oliver Rackham’s words and only made minor adjustments in their order. The ideas of the author have not been distinguished from those of Rackham and there has been no attempt to acknowledge the source of the information or ideas. Long quotes are set out in your text in a ‘block’ – started on a new line and indented at left and sometimes right.

  1. Also note how there is no comma joining the quote to the sentence.
  2. For books you should also include the edition to make finding information easier.
  3. Do not use ‘Anon.’ Instead start the footnote reference with the title of the article.
  4. Quality sources which really inform your essay are really worth including.
  5. Reading around your subject will also help you understand how academics in your field write.
  6. Citations are usually written at the end of the report, usually in alphabetical order.

This doesn’t mean you have to use an entire sentence, though. Using a word or phrase from a source is called a partial quote. Partial quotes are helpful for smoothly integrating direct quotes into your own sentences. Here is an example of a properly referenced use of this passage. When writing an essay, report, dissertation or other piece of academic work, the key to referencing is organisation.

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You might ask, what else can I use besides direct quotes? Not all evidence needs to be in a source’s exact words. Sometimes you need to translate a source how to quote article in essay for the reader. You can do this by paraphrasing and summarizing sources. The following passage is an example of an acceptable use of this source.

Putting your understanding of what you have read into your own words is known as paraphrasing. A common mistake is to try to paraphrase a single sentence, which is very difficult and often ends in an inelegant and sometimes meaningless phrase. It is better to read the whole paragraph in which the idea lies, then try to write a sentence on your understanding of the idea. You may not need to include a page number here, as the idea may be argued throughout the source rather than just in one specific place. If you use the same words as the original, you need to use quotation marks around this section, followed by the reference.

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You can also number the paragraphs and include the paragraph cited in round brackets, e.g. (para. 3 of 24). You will often need to refer to the same source several times throughout an essay, especially when analysing literary texts. To avoid repeating the same footnote multiple times, there are two options. A bibliography is a complete list of all the sources you’ve used – those you’ve cited in the text and additional ones you’ve read but not cited.

In APA format, in-text citations can follow a direct quote or paraphrased information. For direct quotes, the in-text citation should immediately follow.

Integrated into your own sentence

The source’s words are particularly important or memorable. They support your argument with especially memorable statements. Page numbers are recommended if you are citing a particular passage within a long text. Additionally, a page number is recommended if you are paraphrasing a particular passage from a long text. According to Petit , the idea of a life-world is ‘now common currency in social thought’ (p. 252). The idea of a life-world is ‘now common currency in social thought’ (Petit, 1975, p. 252).

how to quote a article in an essay

For the bibliography format, reverse the first person’s name and omit the full stop. Use this format when you are referencing a play published as part of a collection or anthology. The name of an editor follows the title, using the format ‘ed. If you have read a book on a personal device such as a Kindle, or accessed a commercial online textbook provider like Perlego, these often lack page numbers.

Referencing a poem found online

Referencing is also an important way of acknowledging your debts to other scholars. Properly referencing your work is one of the best ways of avoiding plagiarism. Next to the necessary material, include a brief in-text citation. how long are essays Website citation componentMandatoryExamplesCommentsAuthor of the website/articleYes- Eckhoff, Luis G. The reader gains a negative impression of Scrooge, who is described as a “tight-fisted” man and an “old sinner”.

how to quote a article in an essay

Use this format when you are referencing a play published individually. In the bibliography reference, reverse the author name and omit the full stop. Roman numerals are used for the numbers of books of The Bible, Arabic numerals for chapters and verses, as in the examples. If you have accessed an eBook through a Library database such as Historical Texts, you should include the name of the database, the URL and date accessed. If you have read the novel on a personal device, state the format .

Dealing with online sources without page numbers

Although book titles should normally be placed in italics, one exception to this is sacred texts such as The Bible, The Koran and The Talmud. The titles of these sources – and of books within them – should not be placed in italics or quotation marks – see the MHRA Style Guide (7.3). When writing an essay or a dissertation for English Literature, Creative Writing and Drama, you will usually need to provide a word count. Note that the allowed word length does not include abstract, footnotes/endnotes, bibliography and any appendices but it does include quotations used in the body of the text.

how to quote a article in an essay

This guidance applies if you are citing a whole edited book. If you are citing should college athletes get paid essay a specific chapter, follow the guidance on How to reference a book chapter.

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